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PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:27 pm 
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Hello everyone,

I have been getting a lot of PMs regarding how things are going to be setup for the newer applications such as Clipper, Wardrobe, Baggage and so on. Because of the new changes, people are asking me a handful of different questions. So I want to get some things cleared up in one post to help reduce the amount of questions people have.

Old Subscriptions, Why They Are Gone, Why They Don't Carry Over
    One big question I keep getting is from old subscribers to the EliteMMO Network. Most are asking why their subscription did not carry over as a donator. When I took full control of EliteMMO earlier last year, I made a post on the forums that I would be moving the site to a new server, new forum system, and making all the current subscription required applications free. Our old forum system was an old version of InvisionPowerBoard that I had heavily modified to work with the various aspects of EliteMMO. Because of this moving it to another server would have taken a lot of time and work to get things properly configured and working under a new machine, new host, and new IP address.

    So instead of carrying over any information I made all the current content of EliteMMO free so that peoples subscriptions were not void and ignored. Everything previous subscribers paid for was still available to them (for free now) after the move. As I had stated in the past various times, we are not like other sites that make you repay for the same application(s) you already paid for over and over. And we were never going to be that way. So instead of moving to the new site and making everyone resubscribe, I made everything free.

    Old subscriptions do not entitle people be a donator on the new forums, however. (Unless you subscribed within a month or so of the site moving to compensate you for paying for only 1 month.)
    All of the content from the old site is posted on this new one for free already, so you have not lost anything you had previously paid for. All of the new content being released now, that is going to require donation status, was never part of EliteMMO in the past. So your previous subscriptions do not entitle you to what is being added now. (I know that sounds harsh but its not mean to be.) All of these new applications are being rebranded under the EliteMMO Network name (as I own both the applications and EliteMMO).

New Application Model, Donation Amount, How It Works
    With the new applications coming to EliteMMO, I have decided to require donations in order to use them. It is not a model I wanted to use in the past, however given that people are stealing my work and most just take it for granted, I feel it is appropriate to get back something for the time and effort I put into things for a game I don't even play. I have been making third-party tools for the FFXI community for over 10 years now and at this point I think its fair to ask for something in return.

    In order to use the new applications, users will need to do the following:
    • Donate an initial $25 to become a donation ranked user. (If you are already a donator you are fine.)
    • Download the new EliteMMO Network Keygen to generate a unique key for your system.
    • Enter the unique key the keygen has generated into your user profile.
    • Download the special 'elitemmo.userkey.bin' file and place it inside of the same folder as the application you wish to use.

    Afterward, the applications should work as normal.

    Please note: With this new application model, I do have the ability to disable any application. In order for applications to remain activated and working, a donation goal will need to be met monthly.
    If donations do not meet the goal, the applications using this model will be disabled until the goal is met.
    (I reserve the right to change the donation goal at any time.)

New User Groups
    With the changes to the site, I have created two new user groups.

      Donator+ is a group for all members that have subscribed before Feb 23, 2015. Because the price of donations prior to this week was only $10, these users were part of the donation requirement before the new applications have arrived. To say thank you to their support before the requirement to donate was applied, I have created a separate group for these users. (Being part of this group does not entitle these users to anything different then a normal donator. It is simply a 2nd donation group with all the same access and permissions.)

    Third-Party Developer
      With the new release of the EliteAPI.dll and EliteMMO.API.dll API's, I have created a group for any user that uses the API to create new third-party applications and release them here on EliteMMO. At this time only 3 members are currently in this group.

      cmalo - Whom has been a great contributor and supporter of the EliteMMO Network for a long time. He is currently rewriting Scripted to be used with the new API as a stand-alone application removing the requirement for XiClaim to be used.

      Tricotec - Whom has been a developer and supporter of the EliteMMO Network for a long time as well. He is currently rewriting his old PowerLevelPro and FarmPro scripts to use the new stand-alone API to remove the requirement of XiClaim as well.

      eradicate - Whom has been a developer for third-party tools for Final Fantasy XI for some time now and is bringing his knowledge and skills to EliteMMO with the new API. eradicate is working on a new multi-purpose bot while helping teach cmalo and Tricotec about WPF and other technologies with C#. eradicate is also possibly porting his well-known multi-purpose bot 'Exiled' to the new EliteAPI.

      If you are interested in joining this group, there are some requirements:
      • You MUST be a current donator to the EliteMMO Network.
      • You MUST have an application posted on the EliteMMO Network for download using the EliteAPI.
      • Your application MUST pertain to FFXI and not be harmful, in anyway, to a user.

    Terms and Conditions
      By becoming a donator to the EliteMMO Network, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

      With the above terms and conditions, the following also apply:

      Termination of Donation Status
      EliteMMO Network reserves the right to revoke your donation status, at any time, without warning. You agree that upon donating, that your donation status does not entitle you to any lifetime qualifications or lifetime services for the duration of EliteMMO Network's existence. EliteMMO Network is not required to inform you of any termination of your account, donation status, or other access to EliteMMO Network or its assets.

      Termination of Access
      EliteMMO Network reserves the right to revoke your access to any application, asset, or other information at any time.
      You agree that by becoming a donator, that you are not buying ownership or licenses of any asset(s) found on the EliteMMO Network.
      EliteMMO Network reserves the right to discontinue or terminate an application at any time.

      Change Of Terms and Conditions
      EliteMMO Network reserves the right to edit these (and any other terms of conditions) at any time, without any warning. You agree that EliteMMO Network reserves the right to make any changes to its terms of conditions and that you will agree to those changes. If you do not agree with any changes to the terms and conditions you may contact an Administrator and have your account removed.

The information in this post is subject to change, without warning.

EliteMMO Network Administration

EliteMMO Network Administration

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