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FantasyWarp v2.0.0.3 Released!
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Author:  Wiccaan [ Fri May 11, 2018 11:44 pm ]
Post subject:  FantasyWarp v2.0.0.3 Released!

Hello everyone,

I have released Fantasy Warp v2.0.0.3 tonight with the following changes:


  • Added arrow displays of the the heading directions of all entities.
  • Added direct XYZ input warping. (In sidebar.)
  • Added map zoom slider. (In sidebar.)
  • Adjusted the sidebar to scroll instead of cause the window to resize when it exceeds the window size.
  • Adjusted the margins between the sidebar items.
  • Adjusted the size of the 'Saved Locations' box. (200 width up from 160.)
  • Various internal code required to make the above work.
  • Added some new service backend information for the above to work.

Heading Arrows


The entity dot object has been altered to use an image now by default. This image is a simple arrow, which has been used in Ashita's Minimap plugin, that can now show you what directions everything is facing, including yourself.

Sidebar Changes


The sidebar has been revamped a bit to include some new features and is now scrollable. This should help with any unwanted resizing of the main window causing map alignment issues.

Donators can find the updated version and info here:

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