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Files Not Working? Failing To Load Plugins? Read This..
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Author:  Wiccaan [ Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Files Not Working? Failing To Load Plugins? Read This..

Hello everyone,

Within the recent months it appears that Microsoft has pushed more security implementations onto untrusted file downloads on Windows Vista and above. This means that when you download a file from the internet, you usually get a prompt asking if you are sure you want to run something, like this:

In some cases this is great since it helps prevent your systems from being infected from files running that you did not want or did not download willingly. However, the side effect is it does cause issues with files that are trusted and that you wanted. Such as XiClaim plugins.

In order to get XiClaim to load plugins without issues, you may need to unblock the file(s) that you download.
To do this you can do the following:
  1. Download the file you want to use.
  2. Place the file(s) you downloaded where you wanted them to be. (ex. XiClaim plugins into the Plugins folder etc.)
  3. Right-click the file you are having problems with and choose 'Properties'.
  4. On the main properties screen, you should see an 'Unblock' button at the bottom right.
  5. Click the Unblock button.
  6. Click Ok.


Afterward your application / plugins should work fine again.

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