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Author:  Wiccaan [ Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Donation Reminder / Information

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to remind those whom do donate and are not already marked as a donator, there are a few things that come in to play for me automatically handling the donation without input from you.

1. When you donate, if you are looking to be added to the donator rank, please be sure you are logged in first! When you make a donation while you are logged out, the user id attached to the donation is deemed 'anonymous' and I have no way to link it to your account if you use a different paypal email address. A lot of people that donate land up using two separate emails. Firstly, I want to say great job with that as it is increased security on your part. :) But be sure to login first! (Although of course it is not required.)

2. If you do not login first, or forgot to and made a donation. I need you to pm me and let me know the following information:
- Your Paypal email address.
- Your Paypal transaction id of the donation.
- The amount of the donation.

These are just to confirm the donation is real and from you. DO NOT include any passwords. I will never ask you for a password, ever.

I currently have a few unclaimed donations for donator ranks and I do not see any matching emails in the registration database of the forum. So I cannot assign the donations to anyone.
This does not mean pm me with fake info thinking you will get it. The info is double checked and validated before I mark anything.

If you are caught attempting to cheat the system you will be banned from the site, bot, and future programs by EliteMMO.

EliteMMO Network Administration

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