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FFXI Potential Anti-Cheat Warning
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Author:  Wiccaan [ Thu Oct 21, 2021 6:33 pm ]
Post subject:  FFXI Potential Anti-Cheat Warning

Hello everyone,

We wanted to make an announcement to give players a heads up in regards to a new error code people have been reporting. This error code appears to be linked to a new counter-measure / anti-cheat system that SE is either testing or has rolled out since the last update.

What Is The Error?

The error code is: 4006

Note: Triggering this new error is not always immediate. You may be kicked hours after triggering it. There appears to be a randomized delay attached to when it is enforced. It may be immediate, it may be hours later!

What Triggers The Error?

At this time, it has been observed that movement speed hacking of any kind seems to be triggering this new error. This is not limited to just third-party tools like Clipper. Any addon, plugin, tool, etc. that can alter your movement speed/position is prone to triggering this new error. Addons/plugins that alter packets to remove delays, movement locking, knockbacks, collision slowdowns, etc. are all prone to this new detection.

Will I Get Banned For Triggering This Error?

This is not something we have an answer to for now. The error is new and seems to be in a 'trial' phase on SE's end. There has been a lot of reports on multiple sites of people getting this error, however no reports of a ban so far in relation to it. This does not mean you are safe to trigger the error and not care though. We highly encourage everyone to avoid any movement speed related cheating for the time being.

For the time being, SE seems to just be testing this new detection method. This may just be a trial phase to check for false positives and rule out bad data. That said, it doesn't mean that all data collected from this period is going to be ignored. SE can and will ban you if they feel any data they've collected has proven you are cheating.

Can This Be Bypassed?

No. This is a server-sided check. Nothing is happening on the client that is causing this error.

Final Thoughts

As with any third-party tool, hack, cheat, addon/plugin, you are using these things at your own risk. You are responsible for anything that happens to your account(s). The makers of any third-party tool hold no responsibility if your account is banned or lost.

Always use third-party tools with caution!

If we hear other information about this error, we will update you with another news post.

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