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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:31 pm 
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Hello everyone,

As many have noticed I have taken down all of my free projects that were on the side apart from EliteMMO.
This was done due to some issues with others that I have and that I am tired of seeing work I make taken and rebranded, sold by others, or simply just taken for granted.

While my issues are with no one from this site specifically, the end result does effect others not involved and I am sorry for that.

At this time, I am working on a new validation system and I will be rewriting all of the original applications (Clipper, Wardrobe, Baggage, etc.) to use this new validation. The applications will be "free". In that sense, you will be required to be a donator to EliteMMO in order to use the applications from now on. Along with that there will be some requirements to continue using the applications. This is basically how things will be working in the near future:

New Application Model

Under the new application model that I am writing out now, all of the new applications that I am rewriting will come with the new 'DRM' system applied to them.
With this new system, the applications will validate themselves to ensure you are a valid user and can use the application.

Valid users are those whom have donated $25 or more to EliteMMO. The minimum requirement to become a donator now is set to $25 or more.
(Please note: Any current donator will not lose their donation status. This change is happening after you have donated already, so there is no fault on your end.)

Users will generate a key using my new Keygen application that will be placed in their user profile on these forums. (A new field for your profile will be added to handle the key.)

When the applications start they will validate the key and that you are a donator. If not the application will not work. Otherwise the application should work as normal.

Users will be only allowed 1 key per system. I am not doing a multiple key system like before because it was extremely abused in the past. If you need multiple system access then you will need to make another account and donate again. Sorry but I am not going to have people abusing the system like before sharing their account with 20+ people etc.

IP addresses will be logged when an application is started. If I see your account logging in in various locations at a rapid succession, you will be banned from the website.
Account sharing is not allowed and will be punished by being banned and removed from this website.

New Application Model (Effected Applications)

  • EliteAPI.dll
    • Will remain free and not part of the new model. (Unless something happens that requires me to move it to the new model.)
  • EliteMMO.API.dll
    • Will remain free and not part of the new model. (Unless something happens that requires me to move it to the new model.)
  • XiClaim
    • Is being discontinued soon so this new model will not effect it.
  • Clipper, Wardrobe, Baggage, FFXiPosTool, etc.
    • All of these will have the new application model applied to them.

I plan to have this new model completed within the week and have new versions of Clipper and such released shortly after. I appreciate the kind words and various PM's many have sent.
I am, again, sorry that this drama is effecting you but I have to protect my work one way or another and this is basically the only way it is going to work.

EliteMMO Network Administration

EliteMMO Network Administration

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