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Author:  Wiccaan [ Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:26 am ]
Post subject:  Forum Cleanup

Hello everyone,

Just a small update to the forums to cleanup some older/dead sections that didn't need to exist anymore.
I've removed some sections, merged others, and moved some threads around.

Here's a small list of changes that have been made:

  • Final Fantasy XI Section
    • Removed the Guides/Tutorials section.
    • Removed the AshitaCast section. (For support with AshitaCast please visit Ashita's Discord: https://discord.gg/Ashita)
    • Merged 'Unconfirmed' and 'Confirmed' third-party application sections into one.
    • Renamed this new section to just 'Third-Party Applications'.
  • Other Games Section
    • Deleted the 'General Chat' forum. (Moved posts to main General Chat.)
  • Supported Applications Section
    • Reordered the forums. (EliteAPI to the top. XiClaim to the bottom.)
    • Marked XiClaim as discontinued on the main forum list to be easier known.
  • Developers Section
    • Combined all individual language sections into one.
    • Dropped support for old languages no one really uses. (ie. Vb.NET)
    • Moved all posts to the new merged section.

More changes to come as time goes on. Ideally, I would like to slim the forums down more and have more people hang out on Discord instead. Forums will mostly focus on holding releases/update information and links to download things in the future. While all support and general chat will be moved to Discord.

You can find us on Discord here: chat.php

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